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Tilda Swinton Sex Scenes

I Am Love (2009)

 Tilda's secret lover strips her down to pretty pendulous plonkers, bare butt, and actual LIPPAGE before they thrust away. Great scene!

 Three minutes of close-up Tilda ta-tas and a flash of bush when she and her guy get it on in a field. Don't miss his beard hairs mingling with her red muff!


Julia (2008)

 Elegant redheaded Tilda wakes up in the morning with her left tit hanging out of her bra. Sexy way to start the day!

 More lovely left Oscar-winning boob, this time peeping over the sheet as she sleeps.

 Tilda shows more left breast while resting in bed with a kid.


Young Adam (2003)

 A fly (let's hope it's not the biting kind) takes a rest on Tilda's rosy nerple as she lies in bed with her dude, then the camera pulls back to present us with both of her perky pooters.

 In this dusky scene, Swinton smiles and chats with her fella, showing first the left, then both of her ravishing ribcakes.


The War Zone (1999)

 Open wide for more-than-a-mouthful of Tilda's milk-bloated right teat after she's done breastfeeding.

 Post-prenancy Tilda lies in bed with her sexy belly showing, followed by her right funbag when she unzips her nursing bra.


Orlando (1993)

 The always classy, always toothsome Tilda shows some lusciously pale frontal while washing up.


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