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Susan Dey Sex Scenes

Echo Park (1986)

 A very brief right tit is seen when the blanket shifts as Dey turns the bedroom light off.

 More brief boobery during a montage of stripping scenes.

 When a bearded feller pulls down Susan's lingerie at a party, her kid sees it and freaks out. Cue Susan Dey running through the streets of the inner city in a pink teddy trying to find him.


Looker (1981)

 Laurie Partridge is lowered into the scanning machine, where her melodic mams, butt, and hint of muff fuff is revealed by the flickering lights. AMAZING!


First Love (1977)

 An incredible lingering look at Dey's Double Bubbles during a game of Hide-the-Hot-Dog with William Katt. Come on, get randy!!!

 An encore flash of Susan's Partridge Mam-ilies when she and Katt strip each other in preparation for another roll in the sack.


Susan Dey nude


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