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Sirpa Lane Sex Scenes

The Beast in Space (1980)

 Sirpa will get you sticky like syrup-a when she bares all three of her retro-fluffy B's while getting it on in a green-lit room.


The Beast (1975)

 First off, we got boobs, butt and bush galore. But just wait till you see Sirpa get eaten by Jacko the Eternally Ejaculating Monster. Wacky!

 Sirpa displays yet more bushish, ass and a ton of titty while "The Beast" hooter-fucks her and spills Beast Spackle all over her chest. Ewww!

 Having recently killed "The Beast" (evidently by ejaculating him to death), the completely naked Sirpa buries him under some leaves and splits. All 3 B's!


Sirpa Lane nude


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