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Sheryl Lee Sex Scenes

Angel's Dance (1999)

 Quick cannage in the tub, and a sexy (albeit far-off) look at some full-frontal as Sheryl greets her fella.


Kiss the Sky (1998)

 First get a good look at her juff, then Sheryl's itty-bittyies make their first appearance in the film rising from the frothy waters of the sea like two slightly dissimilar Aphrodites . . .

 Completely nude during a 'male on female on male' menage-a-trois in the sack, although the camera angles and lighting allow for little more than a few decent tit shots. Three's the magic number!


Vampires (1998)

 Bewitching bloodsucker Sheryl shows off her beauteous gluteus as she lays bound and gagged, face-down, in bed. Out-of-focus at first, but it gets much better.


The Blood Oranges (1997)

 She doesn't waste any time showing her breasts! See them during the opening credits. Not bad, not bad at all.

 She lies topless, reading in a garden. Notice she doesn't take her hand out of her pants. Must be a romance novel...


Bliss (1997)

 Close-up and pretty breasts, but this flick's in need of a new lighting director!

 Finally there's a modicum of light in the room, but Sheryl somehow manages to keep her nightie on. Fortunately, it wasn't up to the task of keeping her cookies covered.

 The lighting still bites, but there's so many melon-shots in this scene, it's hard not to enjoy. Besides, Lee looks like she's truly enjoying herself!

 Finally! Sheryl bares her breasts in the shower, and all the lights are on! Too bad it's only for a sec though.


Backbeat (1994)

 Decent glimpses of Sheryl's perky Laura Palmers as she engages in some bohemian boffing with Stephen Dorff.

 Sheryl bare-yls frequent breasts as Dorff smears paint all over her torso tots. Forget Beatlemania ... this is Beat-your-meat-le-mania!

 Far-off looks at Sheryl's breasts, side bunnage, and a hint of ye olde shrubbery when she prepares to slip into something a little more comfortable.

 A bit of butt (she's first) getting zipped into leather (no panties, naughty girl) and side left bean, before she and Dorff say "to hell with clothes, let's screw again".


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992)

 Quick view of Sheryl's nip-nips as her man cops a feel while they swap spit.

 Some crafty fella pulls down Sheryl's dress on the dance floor and treats us to a strobe-lit view of her breasts.

 Shirtless Sheryl as she stops naked Moira Kelly from being raped by some unwholesome fella in a bar.


Sheryl Lee nude


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