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Salma Hayek Sex Scenes

Ask the Dust (2006)

 Colin Farrell looks appropriately gobsmacked when he takes in the sight of totally naked Salma Hayek, her flawless, all-natural frontal fur and butt bobbling above the waves in the ocean. Colin wang aside, the scen is jawdropping! Stupendous! Outta sight!

 As Colin types, he flashes back to pegging naked Salma and her infamous boobies on the beach. Hope that letter isn't intended for his mom.

 They move the party to a bed to boff the night away. Bad news: Colin butt. Great news: heaving Hayek hooters!


Frida (2002)

 Breast bobbles briefly into view during sweaty, up-close sex.

 Out pop her Mexi-whoppers when her body cast is removed. They're covered in plaster dust but delightful nonetheless.

 Awesome chest burritos and a small sample of las buttcheekas in grabby lesbo scene with Karine Plantadit-Bageot in bed.


Wild Wild West (1999)

 Wild wild ass! Salma turns around to show that the rear trapdoor of her pajamas is open. And if that isn't great news on its own ... she does it TWICE!


The Velocity of Gary (1998)

 Hayek doffs her top and slips into bed with Vincent D'Onofrio. Another thing get slipped ... namely, her nip.


Breaking Up (1997)

 Sizzling Salma gets soaped up in the shower with her man ... she's totally nude, but all we get to see is a little side bunnage and some vague right boob. Dag.


Desperado (1995)

 Bare, sombrero-sized chest-mangos while she and Antonio Banderas make the burro-with-two-backs.


Salma Hayek nude


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