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Rachel Shelley Sex Scenes

The Calling (2000)

 Masked Rachel serves up some comely casabas in a hot tub with some old coot.


B.U.S.T.E.D. (1999)

 Rachel and her beau get hot and heavy in the midst of some disappointing lighting. Still, a few sweet looks at her B.U.S.T.


The L Word (2007)

 Rachel cavorts lesboliciously in a pool with Laurel Holloman, and we catch a few glimpses of her submerged submarines.

 It's a veritable titstravaganza when Rachel and Alexandra Hedison dispense of their bras and "get to know each other" on a bed. Nice boobs from Rachel, with the long, brown hair.

 Peep Shelley's breastular jelly as she lies in bed under an equally topless Sandrine Holt.

 Ravishing Rachel shows criminally cute cans and a bit of bush as she's harassed in the prison showers by some equally naked toughs. Awesome scene!


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