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Phoebe Cates Sex Scenes

Private School (1983)

 Phoebe flashes her phenomental fan-can during a beachside make-out marathon with Matthew Modine.

 Just a hint (but WHAT a hint!!!) of Cates's crack as she and some friends moon the principal at graduation. She's wearing the stripey panties.


Paradise (1982)

 Great extended view of Phoebe's fabulous fanny as she showers in a cave.

 Phoebe finally gets down to some full-frontal loveliness as she goes for an extended skinny-dip. Paradise, indeed.

 Cates the Great gives us what we want total, complete nudity, frontal and booty while dipping skinny in the ocean. Tits ahoy!


Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

 All celeb nude scenes answer to this!!! Judge strokes his gavel to the mental image of Ms. Cates's perfect, perky, post-pool pair. Can you blame him?


Phoebe Cates nude


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