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Peggy Trentini Sex Scenes

Poison (2000)

 Peggy's powerful pair and plump posterior appear in all their naked glory during a completely gratuitous shower scene.


Masseuse 3 (1998)

 Trentini's robo-hooters make an appearance during this quick strip routine, but for some this will be more of a biological oddity than a turn-on. Silicon City!


Human Desires (1997)

 One final sex scene featuring Peg's posterior and massive tits while she plays the Pillow Biting Game in bed...


Vice Girls (1996)

 The Great Trentini makes her preternaturally perky palookas appear ... when she drops her top.


Demon Knight (1995)

 With two ginormous floatation devices attatched to her chest, Peggy never has to worry about drowning in the bath. Getting attacked by a slimy monster? That's another story.


Peggy Trentini nude


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