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Paz Vega Sex Scenes

The Human Contract (2008)

 Short but sweet shot of her neato left teat-o when her man munches her in the sack.


The Lark Farm (2007)

 Snazzy Pazzy drops her dress for a dude and busts out one of the greatest asses ever committed to film!

 Some pervy soldiers lead Paz away, rip down her dress, and tie her up, exposing her pert and perky pair.


Carmen (2003)

 She makes haste doffing her old timey duds before hopping into the sack to hop on her man, showing a bountiful bevy of bunnage, breastage ... and even her fuzzy Paz-zy!

 Glimpses of Vega's mega ass and perfectly rounded boobs abound when she lures her fella back into bed when he foolishly attempts to leave.

 You can't fault Paz's man for being unable to keep his hands off her ... they pork the night away, and we get a fantastic view of her joggling jugglies.


Talk to Her (2002)

 Mams, muffage and a monstrous gyno shot as a minature guy runs around on top of her in black-and-white. Most likely a body double but still fun to watch.


Sex and Lucia (2001)

 Paz' boyfriend strips her naked despite the fact that she's passed out drunk.

 Hangover Girl strolls around the house bareass naked, wakes her boyfriend up with a titty to the face, and starts the day off with a gloriously Skintastic shagging.

 A final look at Vega's nubile nakedness as Mud Man lays her down and grunges her up.


Zapping (1999)

 Watch in wonder as Paz whips off her shirt and goes about her business sans top.

 A peeper gets a pervy eyeful of Paz's palookas and posterior as she goes for a postcoital stroll into the kitchen.


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