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Mr. Skin

Paola Morra Sex Scenes

Ammazzare il tempo (1979)

 Paola and her award-winning lap-hedge upstage a topless, teeth-brushing Stefania. Jaw-dropping 3-B action!

 She's got a fuzzbox and she's gonna show it! While poor Stefania scrubs the steps, Paola wanders around pantsless. Nothing like a heaping helping of tush n' bush!


Killer Nun (1978)

 Hooooooly hairpie! Paola pops out of bed to reveal some rear and the thickest, densest bush this side of a rainforest as she walks around and chats with Anita Ekberg.

 Enjoy Paola's pontoons as she gets probed by the doctor. SHE'S enjoying dreaming of Anita the nun, however. Mmmmmm. Forbidden fruit.


Paola Morra nude


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