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Monica Bellucci Sex Scenes

Baaria (2009)

 An entire schoolroom of boys crowds against the window to peep Monica's huge left meatball when she makes out with a guy in the next building.


Don't Look Back (2009)

 See Monica's left mamica when she gets screwed in bed. Bellissima!


Sanguepazzo (2008)

 Bellucci's mamnificent, juicy twosome is revealed when she loses her top for a quickie on the floor.


L' Uomo che ama (2008)

 Right hand Italiano mammo from the always-exquisite Monica when she joins her guy in the shower.


Shoot 'Em Up (2007)

 Clive Owen does not withdraw from the goddess-like Bellucci (can you blame him?) as he shoots the baddies while humping the Italian eyeful. Brief left and right ta-tas ensue.


Le Concile de pierre (2006)

 A shaman waives a ferret over Monica's mouthwatering, frontally nude bod. You'll wave your ferret, too!


Irréversible (2002)

 Some flashes of Monica's ass following a brutal rape scene...


Irréversible (2002)

 Yet more tits and ass, as well as a couple of ultra-brief flashes of Monica's Landing Strip in bed with Vince...


The Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)

 Let's all moan-ica for Monica when she gives us gratuitously great glances at her tits and ass in bed with Samuel Le Bihan.


Malèna (2000)

 Beautiful Bellucci wears a sexy black dress that eventually slips below her right nipple. Mama mia, that's a spicy meata-ball!

 The world's luckiest child actor takes off Monica's dress and bra, then takes a nice close-up look at her awesome tits and thick bush.

 Brief left nip as she gets tossed around by a lawyer looking to settle his bill ... the old fashioned way.

 Another scene, another shot of boobs. Not that we have a problem with that. This time Belucci shows her fine rack when she's forced into some sex by a happy old dude.

 When the Nazis leave town, the collaborators become targets. As Malèna is dragged into the street and beaten, her clothes do some slipping off, showing boob and beav.


Dracula (1992)

 Right breast rising from beneath the sheets to seduce Keanu. Monica's the first foxy babe to appear.


La Riffa (1991)

 Beautiful, bountiful Bellucci allows some clown to pump away at her perfect form. Her famous flesh bulbs are on full display ... WOW!

 Mamnica tosses her coat aside and stands before the mirror, her Buttlucci bared, with boobs reflected.


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