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Maud Adams Sex Scenes

Octopussy (1983)

 Body Double?: Get a very distant look at her(?) ass as she gets out of the pool. Very nice, even if we don't get a peek at anyone's Octopussy.


Tattoo (1981)

 Maud "the Bod" Adams kicks off what's sure to be a killer string of clips with some right reelanger and a faint hint of bush as she changes clothes.

 Making herself a little more ... erm, accessible to the makeup man, Maud loosens her robe to show a bit o' tit.

 Oh my God, here's a little more Maud! She throws back the covers and pops out of bed, exposing a brief bit of boobitude and some skinny-minnie glutes.

 Poor Miss Maud is unconscious, and Tattoo Boy exposes her lung nuts as he prepares to ink her. Let's just hope he's not gonna give her a Taz tat . . .

 Maud shows more "tattoo regret" than a sorority girl after Spring Break when she pulls aside her robe to inspect her tatted left tittle.

 Feast your peeps on a closer view of her newly inky orbs as she lets her fingers do the talking during a little self-love session.


The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

 The cursed distorted shower glas doesn't show much of Maud's fine bod, but when she opens that door, she does let her left boob peer out. She gives me a golden gun ... in my pants.


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