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Marina Sirtis Sex Scenes

Paradise Lost (1999)

 Paradise FOUND: black-panty-clad Marina bounds out of bed with her breastss abounce to squelch a kitchen fire. She's so hot; who's gonna put HER out?


Death Wish III (1985)

 See Marina's Counselor Trois as a gaggle of hornball punkers attack her in a parking lot, tearing off her shirt.

 More orbs from Sirtis as the pervy scumbags pull her from a car and proceed to sexually assault her.


Blind Date (1984)

 This time it's Marina who's forced to withstand the bare-breasted chest-scribbling. But what a rack!


The Wicked Lady (1983)

 Full frontal from Marina as she runs to cover up when her and her guy are walked in on.

 Marina shows both breasts in a bloody catfight while the villagers look on.


Marina Sirtis nude


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