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Marilyn Chambers Sex Scenes

Desire (1997)

 Nice breastages nude in the shower shooting a scene with her co-star.

 All three B's in this long sex scene. She's not bad for a 45 year-old!


Marilyn Chambers' Bedtime Stories (1993)

 Maz gives up some wobbling whompers and matching ass when she and her loverboy hit the sheets.

 More excellent boobs when she and her stud make it a double-header.


Angel of H.E.A.T. (1983)

 Marilyn removes her see-through nightie to supply us with some fierce full-frontalage as a warm up for a hump-down.

 Naked knockers and rump as a dwarf rides Marilyn like a pony! Giddyup!

 Breasts and brief bush as Marilyn talks to a dude on the floor after an orgy. Naked bodies are piled all around them; they're supposed to be robots. Naked robots. Yeah, you read right.

 A final, fantastic visit with Marilyn's mams as she chats with her man in bed.


Rabid (1977)

 Marilyn topless, lying in bed, and being accosted thrashes about as if she was, well, Rabid.

 A doctor peels down her blanket to inspect her nude left jubbly. Lookin' goooooood.

 Chambers is a charmer with both bubbies out. She's in the closet, trying to find an outfit, but we think she looks good in her birthday suit.

 Clad only in some low-slung '70's panties, Marilyn makes her way back to the closet. What's in there, anyway stockpiles of Ivory soap?


Behind the Green Door (1972)

 Porn goddess Marilyn gives great breasts as she's lesbionically caressed by another lady.

 Fluffy-muffed full frontal as Marilyn gets worked over by some randy folks during a live sex show.

 All the randy orgy attendees watch as Marilyn gets her super voluminous muff chewed by a dude with a 'fro. Great frontal action here!


Marilyn Chambers nude


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