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Madonna Sex Scenes

Swept Away (2002)

 Madonna lets one of her nipples peek out from under her arm ever-so-briefly as she lays naked with Adriano Giannini.

 A quick peek at Madonna's expensive ass cheeks as she lies naked in a hut.


The Next Best Thing (2000)

 We see her hard nipples through a shirt as she squeezes her breasts.


Dangerous Game (1993)

 She slips out of bed and slips on some panties, and makes visible the best tits and ass the music world has ever known.

 Some skeezy assholeo yanks down Madge's businesslike skirt over her ripe rump and forces her to take dick-tation in an office.


Body of Evidence (1993)

 Madonna's mammaries and just a meager amount of muff manifest on the monitor while she mounts some man meat ... but it's a minuscule portion.

 She pops up in a nice black bra while making out with Dafoe, but it proves to be no match for ol' Willem, who rips it right off, freeing those massive melons for some mastication!

 A most marvelous mammaric manifestation while Madonna lies topless on a bed while Willem Dafoe makes his move on her.

 Yet another wonderful look at Madonna's quite impressive twin torpedoes while she reclines before a fireplace in an open robe and pets her pussy. Dafoe, as usual, can't help but hop on top.

 One more encore full-frontal flash while Madonna rides some dude on the television. Nice materials, girl!


Madonna: Truth or Dare (1991)

 Wanna see some Mam-donnas? Well, you're gonna! With much fanfare, Madge whips off her bustier to show her famous boobies in all their black and white glory.

 The montage of Maddy shaking her stuff in nightclubs is nice enough, but the real kicker is when you briefly spot her bitty left nipplet flying out of her robe.


A Certain Sacrifice (1985)

 Nothing "Like a Virgin" about Madge in this bizarre rape


 love scene involving a guy, two girls, and M's jillion-dollar jugs.

 After being attacked at a restaurant, the Mam-terial Girl bares a brief nipple here and there as she's comforted by onlookers.

 More pre-fame palookas from Maddy in this lovemakin' scene ... before she gets smeared in blood. Looks like her costar stepped over the "Borderline."


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