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Lana Wood Sex Scenes

Demon Rage (1981)

 The Demon, which is evidently a Pulsating Pink Light, pulls the bedsheet off of Lana, revealing her massive melons and even a touch of muff! Thank you, Mr. Demon!

 Her awesome orbs flop and fly in glorious slo-mo as they break free of her nightgown when she's running on the beach, escaping from the demon.

 ... it was just a dream! Or WAS it? She sits up in bed, gasping from her nightmare, and her righty peeps out of her nightie.

 The Demon, who now inhabits the ceramic tile in Lana's shower, get a nice look at Lana's magnificent mammaries while she cleans up... As a result, we do, too! Thanks again, Mr. Demon!


Grayeagle (1978)

 Very brief right breast swingage is seen as Lana washes in the river, followed by some cleavage when she tries to cover up. She's got nice wig-wams, but to see her best side, check out Demon Rage.


Lana Wood nude


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