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Kristi Somers Sex Scenes

Tomboy (1985)

 Blonde babe Kristi enjoys the cleansing of the boobies in a shower scene with a bunch of other girls ... and a guy? Ho ho, the plot thickens!

 She livens up the frat party with a little striptease, shimmying out of her dress to flash her first-class flopcakes. I'll drink to that.


Hardbodies (1984)

 See Teal's chest-dunes as she gets it from a blonde dude in a sleeping bag on the beach; Darcy's mams while she gets auto-erotic with the (incredibly lucky) Artie-Lange-looking dude; and Kristi's nude knockerage as she bends down to give an old beach bum a surfside suck-off while he strums a guitar.

 Tits, tail and frontal-tuft as she does nude tai-chi on the beach while a grizzled geezer plays guitar. Fantastic!


Kristi Somers nude


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