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Kirsten Dunst Sex Scenes

All Good Things (2010)

 It's our first look at Kiki's tee-tees! Shirt off, she joins Ryan Gosling in the shower and shows us those Dunst dairy bombs. Awesome!


Marie Antoinette (2006)

  Some royal rumpage is revealed when the queen's enormous dress is removed. Butt that ain't Kirsten. What a BUMmer!

 She's dressed by her handmaidens, and flashes upper cboobs as well as a faint hint of right teat. This time, it's definitely Kirsten's rearsten!


Crazy/Beautiful (2001)

 Post-boff, Kirsten cuddles in the sack with her dude, and what's that we see peering out from behind her arm? A bit of left nippage, perhaps? Sounds Crazy, but it's also Beautiful.


Kirsten Dunst nude


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