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Kelly McGillis Sex Scenes

The Monkey's Mask (2000)

 Great view of Kelly's pleasure pillows as Susie Porter kisses them.

 Kelly is completely starkers, first rubbin' muffin with Susie, then lying with her head in her lap. Good stuff.

 Naked on top of Susie Porter during a very hot lesbo scene.


The Babe (1992)

 Kelly pitches out her right softball during some tickle-play in bed with John Goodman. What a Babe!


Cat Chaser (1989)

 Very dark, partial left tit as Peter Weller cups it in bed.

 Annoyingly dark full-frontal as a sleazebag makes her disrobe and then runs a gun over her body. There's some ass as she runs out of room and tits as she is forced to sign paper.


The House on Carroll Street (1988)

 See Kelly's top guns as she dunks herself into a bathtub!


Witness (1985)

 Han Solo spies Kelly's Amish tits when she bathes. That'll churn your butter!


Kelly McGillis nude


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