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Julie Delpy Sex Scenes

The Countess (2009)

 Tons of titty time during some post-bonk pillow talk with her guy.


The Hoax (2006)

 Left and right, here and there, each of her French toasties poke out from her nightgown when she gabs with Gere in the bedroom.

 In a flashback to earlier scene, we get another deliciously different angle of Delpy's right floppy in the nightgown.


Investigating Sex (2001)

 She angrily wiggles into her dress, but not before showing us her adorably bite-sized mini-rack.


An American Werewolf in Paris (1997)

 Julie throws off her shirt, giving us a sweet peek at her lovely French Alps.


Killing Zoe (1994)

 Beautiful, very young Julie strips off her bra for Eric Stoltz. Judging from her perky pommes, he certainly got his money's worth.

 Post-pork cuddling and smoking with Stoltz. Julie shows a couple flashs of each chest-jewel in turn.


La Passion Beatrice (1987)

 Mon dieu! The gorgeous Julie runs across the room to rearrange the furniture with "Les B's Trois" ablaze. Magnifique!

 Julie stands frontally furlicious before a fire, then rubs some random trash on her hoo-hoo before throwing it into the flames. I guess that's supposed to be deep and metaphorical, but whatever: POON!

 Julie's clothed here, but not for long! Her hirsute honey pulls off her dress to reveal her frontally and beautifully naked form before covering her up again with some drapey fabric.


Julie Delpy nude


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