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Julianne Moore Sex Scenes

Chloe (2009)

 Juicy Julianne's extra long nips get a thorough hose-down in the shower.

 Out-freaking-standing scene! Both breasts from Julianne and side boob from Amanda as they make out in bed, while Amanda fingers Julianne. Stimulating!


Blindness (2008)

 Alice busts out some breasts having a giggly group shower with Julianne Moore and Yoshino Kimura. So hot, you'll go blind!


The End of the Affair (1999)

 This doesn't look like the end of no affair, no sir. Julianne's getting it on, and her dainty right dumpling makes a cameo appearance.

 Julianne joins giblets with Ralph Fiennes, and shows her very Fienne pair. We want Moore!


Boogie Nights (1997)

 Julianne loses her top, and out come the perky poppers during a porno shoot with Marky Mark.

 Another gander at Julianne's globes while she and Marky Mark continue on in the porno production process.

 One more look at Julianne's rack after the crew changes reels and Wahlberg gets back to banging her on top of the desk.


Short Cuts (1993)

 We've got gorgeous glutes and a wonderfully all-natural fire-red bush as Julie argues with Matthew Modine sans bottoms. One of the all-time greatest bush shots in skinema history, hands (and pants) down!


Body of Evidence (1993)

 Julianne bares her breasts and the side of her butt several times while sexing Willem Dafoe in bed, then offers a sweet glance at her glutes as she heads off for a shower. A bit dark, but nice.


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