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Julia Brendler Sex Scenes

Dolphins (1999)

 Julia opens the flick by swimming with some dolphins... The good news is that she's completely naked!

 Wouldn't you know it, she's swimming again, and yes, she's completely naked. Again. Evidently, Julia doesn't own a bikini...


Reise in die Nacht (1998)

 Brendler will render you boneriffic when you see her rinse off some darkish frontal in the shower of a Turkish prison.

 Poor sweet Julia gets assaulted on some rocks by some scumbag. Catch a quick flick of left tit and a tiny hint of heinie.


Moondance (1995)

 She and her man stare deeply into each others eyes while undressing for some slow, tender lovemaking. Lest you find such things too saccharine, get this: she's FRONTALLY NUDE!!!

 A sleeping Julia lets her left tit, hanging out of her blouse, get a little air while she gets her legs inexplicably painted blue. Nice pegs.

 She makes some randy little kid's wet dreams a fleshy reality as mock-fighting turns to real making out, and he gets to feel her mini-mams.


Julia Brendler nude


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