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Josie Bissett Sex Scenes

All American Murder (1992)

 Polaroid poky bits! A dude flips through a stack of photos depicting a tits and ass-showin' Bissett in various "compromising positions".

 In a flashback, a dude recalls his great luck the time he doubled his fun in the sack with two babes. When things get a little violent, Josie shows her jubblies, juff, and even the tiniest hint of boosh.

 Josie's a black and white force to be reckoned with when she goes ballistic whilst balling an old geezer ... let the slow motion be your guide to her tater tots and touch of crack!


Hitcher in the Dark (1989)

 Sleek young Josie provides a peek at her seat whilst doffing her panties to take a leak.

 Josie's jack-tastic little body appears in all its naked glory while Crazy Kidnapper Guy takes some Polaroids for posterity. Great looks at her titlets and taut tail.

 Nice pantie shots as she tries to escape the Mobile Home From Hell, followed by tits and ass in Polaroids of herself that she finds in a cabinet.


Josie Bissett nude


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