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Jodie Foster Sex Scenes

Contact (1997)

 If you look very carefully, you can get a peek at both Jodie's boobs as she lies in bed with Matthew McConaughey. Too bad we can't make contact.


Nell (1994)

 This full frontal + ass scene may be dark and shadowy, but Jodie as a sweet wood nymph will give you wood, nymph-o.

 Your lock ness monster will stir as you see Jodie's rack and rear while she hoists herself out of a dark, shadowy, foggy lake.

 This wild woman lifts her dress, showing her bitty beestings in a bar.


Backtrack (1991)

 And in the American DVD version: Breasts behind textured glass, followed by actual ta-tas when Jodie opens the door and leans out.

 EURO VERSION: She serves up some sweet full frontal unfortunately distorted behind the frosted glass of the shower door, but makes up for it by giving a clear view while grabbing for a towel.


The Accused (1988)

 A coupla quick peeks at Jodie's jubblies as she gets raped rather nastily atop a pinball machine.


Jodie Foster nude


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