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Joan Collins Sex Scenes

Homework (1982)

  Joan does a good job seducing a young boy, showing some massive Carringtons (belonging to another, alas) when she strips down.


The Bitch (1979)

 Very brief left breastage as Joan turns to greet a showertime visitor.

 Joan jiggles about in a black corset while chatting up some bloke. Then she drops the top and makes with the hootage.

 Bitch-ass and brief left chest-nubbin as Joan gets out of bed and walks into the bathroom.

 Floating breasts as Joan washes in a bubble-bath while talking to Mr. Swanky.


The Stud (1978)

 Everybody in the pool for an orgy! Joan and her dude do all manner of wild things with another couple in the water and on a swing. Watch for great studies of Joan's famously lopsided (but still udderly awesome) boobies.


Fatal Charm (1978)

 Dancing in the night-club she reveals her bettys.

 Right boob and side ass lying dead on the couch.


L' Amore breve (1969)

 Slowwwwwly she strips. Step by step. Inch by inch. Then the bra drops and we get a quick flash of her Colbys, and a clear can shot as she walks toward Massimo. Note: you never clearly see her face, but I won't let that dash my dreams.


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