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Jill Clayburgh Sex Scenes

It's My Turn (1980)

 Clayburgh gives up a quick view of her left Claymore, as she rolls over in bed with a bearded Michael Douglas.


Starting Over (1979)

 Jill takes a shower and delivers a few looks at the rosy rib cushions in the process.


La Luna (1979)

 Jill shows her ass and boobs when she takes off her excercise tights and walks to the shower, but the real treat is a brief glimpse of Clayburgh's 'Furburgh'!


An Unmarried Woman (1978)

 Jill offers up a nice look at her perky pair while changing her threads in front of Michael Murphy who, for some reason, doesn't seem to notice... He must have eyesight problems.

 An encore breast-baring from Jill, but she had to go and turn off the lights...


Jill Clayburgh nude


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