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Jessica Alba Sex Scenes

The Killer Inside Me (2010)

 Casey Affleck reams Jess's juicy ass with a belt. In one long shot, the camera pans from face to butt, so it's the real Alba Al-butt!


The Eye (2008)

  See some steamy semi-nudeness through a foggy shower door, followed by a bit of butt crack as panties are put on. Only problem? It's a double DANG!


Into the Blue (2005)

  Jessica's costar can't resist giving her tank top a tweak when she dives into the water, exposing a quick flick of right body double nip. Into the boob!


The Sleeping Diction

  Jess offers up a right-o boob-o to a hungry fella ... unfortunately, that tit ain't hers!

  You'd think those gorgeous glands that guy gets to nuzzle belong to Alba. You'd be wrong, though body double again.


Jessica Alba nude


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