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Gilda Texter Sex Scenes

Vanishing Point (1971)

 Gilda's globes and gluteus are in full-effect as she chugs along on a motorcycle, then engages Barry Newman in some idle chit-chat. Long scene.


Runaway, Runaway (1971)

 Brief visits with the floppy breastage as Gilda fights off a potential rapist.

 Gilda joins Rita Muray in some totally-nude (and very lovely) beachside frolicking.

 Here comes Gilda's perky pair again, this time while some lucky feller gives 'em a squeeze and a smooch.

 Gilda flashes her bouncing bubbles one more time during a coital interlude with some guy.


Angels Hard as They Come (1971)

 Gilda gets assaulted by some assholeazoid in the dark. There is a candle, however, and it does illuminate a flash of left breast.


Gilda Texter nude


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