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Gesine Cukrowski Sex Scenes

Todesfalle Internet (2000)

 Gesine gets some rug burn having sex on the floor with Jochen Horst. Sadly, we don't see HER rug, but her awesome boobs are a very nice consolation prize.


Hilfe, meine Frau heiratet (1997)

 Good look at Gesine's cute mini-mams when she's in bed with her lover.


Und tschüss! (1995)

 Excellent, extensive view of Gesine's super-bitable bare chest in bed with Benno Furmann.

 Bare-nippled Gesine hops out of bed and throws on a shirt in the morning. Seeing her nude is the best way to start any day.


Gesine Cukrowski nude


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