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Erica Leerhsen Sex Scenes

Organizm (2008)

 Loads of luscious, cute little breasts as Erica lets her man rub blood on her bod. You'll have an Organizm!


The Warrior Class (2004)

 A battered and bruised Erica hoists herself off the bed just long enough to give us a taste of left boob action.

 BODY BOUBLE?: The gorgeous Ms. Leerhsen gets yanked around by some baddies. There's a great shot of some tasty tush, but is it hers?


Blair Witch 2 (2000)

 Keep your eyes on the computer screen, and you'll see Erica's boob tube boobs appear as Morticia Addams and The Poor Man's Agent Mulder look on.

 Erica twirls around in the dark outside wearing nothing but black unders, and flashes her itty bitty titties once.

 During a gothic hoedown jamboree, she doffs her bra and panties to shimmy down by the fireside totally starkers. Be-WITCH-ing (albeit brief) full-frontal!


Erica Leerhsen nude


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