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Elina Madison Sex Scenes

Someone's Knocking at the Door (2009)

 Elina comes knocking on a guy's door, brandishing full frontal nudity and rocking rump before she climbs on top to screw him rabidly!


From a Place of Darkness (2008)

 Both breasts while chained up in some sort of torture room before being killed.


Silent Screamplay II (2006)

 See Maddie's patties when she reaches for a towel post-shower.

 She and her guy get to pounding, and we see more bouncing breasts in bed.


Look @ Me (2005)

 It's time to hit the showers, ahd Elina gives a great look at her stunning bunnings and left breast stepping in.

 She's forced to strip and cries while pulling off her top. Don't be sad, Elina, your mini-rack looks great!


Elina Madison nude


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