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Edwige Fenech Sex Scenes

A Policewoman in New York (1981)

 Rare sighting of Edwige with her shirt on when she looks through her closet. Oh, no ... wait. Phew! She takes it off to change, showing her infamous rack.

 Quick but appetizing right nip when Edwige dips into her bustier to fetch something for a couple of hornballs.

 Ed pulls down her top and invites some dude to shoot her in the chits. Catch a bit of rosy left areola!


Cornetti alla crema (1981)

 The incomparable Edwige lets a bit of booblage slip out from the sheets, effectively tempting her man. Very effectively.


Tais-toi quand tu parles! (1981)

 Edwige's nurse"maid" gets a little touchy-feely when soaping up Eddie's nipplages in the tub (wouldn't you?). Special bonus bun flash as she jumps out of the bubbles and into a towel!


Il Ficcanaso (1980)

 When Edwige speaks on the phone in bed, her casually draped sheet often slips down to unveil her orbulars.

 There's a feather boa covering her clam carpet, but her cajooblies and caboose are out. Unfortunately, she then gets shot in the chest. Bummer.


La Poliziotta della squadra del buoncostume (1979)

 It's a patented Fenech bathing scene, and it might be her best! A couple of randy dudes peep her three bubbly, boobly, beautiful B's through a keyhole while she showers. Incredible stuff!


La Dottoressa del distretto militare (1976)

 She's gorgeous! She's naked! She's the legendary Edwige Fenech! In this clip, she lies on a hospital bed and lets Dr. Feelgood get frisky with her shirtless shoobers and panty-clad groinage. Nice, long scene!


Edwige Fenech nude


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