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Cristina Marsillach Sex Scenes

Barocco (1991)

 While Cristina and her guy playfully wrassle in bed, her nightie flies up to divulge some duff and a glimmer of her groin grotto. Then she loses the clothes entirely to let her boobs join the fun.

 After getting clean, Cris gets dirty by hopping into bed with two (count 'em!) dudes, showing off some ass n' A-cups (and even a little back-tang!) all along the way.

 Lovemakin'. All right. Marsillach et man engage in a little fickety fack. Check out dose tittles and dat tush!


Opera (1987)

 Cristina's cans are uncovered as a serial killer prepares to butcher the sleeping gal.


La Gabbia (1985)

 Right boob in the elevator

 One last, fleeting view of mammulars and slight muff when a dude liberates her from her undies.


Cristina Marsillach nude


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