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Christina Ricci Sex Scenes

After.Life (2009)

 Freaky-hot! Christina rips out her own heart and shows it to Justin Long, while showing us her amazing boobs.

 Lying on the slab, Ricci's peachies are bare. She's cold and dead, but still very hot!

 The undead Christina slides off the slab and watches Liam Neeson stitch up a dude. She balances out the gore with her gore-geous tits and ass. Great scene!

 Icy ass and frozen boobies abound as our heroine changes positions in the morgue.

 Liam prepares Ricci's heavenly body on the table again. More stunning breasts!


Black Snake Moan (2007)

 Christina enjoys Justin Timberlake's trousersnake, showing first left, then right, boob while they bang away.

 It's panties, shoulder pads, and those Ricci peaches when Christina enjoys a game of touch football and a boff. TOUCHDOWWWWN!

 Catch a slip of right nip as chained up Christina gets pulled back into Sam's house. You might need to Samuel L. Jackoff!

 An innocent kid gets a lucky surprise when chained Christina whips off her top, busts out her bountiful bazooms, and grabs him.


Monster (2003)

 Watch carefully for this very quick glimpse of Christina's right side-boob as Charlize pulls her outside. (1 second)


Prozac Nation (2001)

 Screw the antidepressants the sight of Miss Ricci full-frontally starkers, sitting on a bed, will snap you out of your funk in a jiff.


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