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Barbara Windsor Sex Scenes

Carry On Dick (1974)

 Brief breasts while ringing a bell.


Carry On Girls (1973)

 There's a little hard-to-see reverse bush peeking out of her Xena outfit as she goes after Margaret Nolan. Catfiiiiiggghhht!

 Barbara peels down to briefly bare left Boobara, then flees to the safety of the closet.


Carry On Abroad (1972)

 Boobara gets cheeky in the shower when a dapper chap peeks in on her and she bares a bit of left breastitude; however, her covering-up scheme fails when she discovers that her sitter's exposed.

 Barb and her elderly horndog guy are at it again he pulls off her bikini top, exposing her mamulas for some stuffy old broad.


Carry On Camping (1969)

 This little trooper bares just a small sliver of left lobber in a hallway when she bumps into a couple. Boobara does it again.

 Performing exercises in her green bikini, Barb gets a little TOO into it, allowing her top to spontaneous fly off. Nice right jug flash!


Barbara Windsor nude


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