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Aya Medel Sex Scenes

Naked Nights (2001)

 Asian Aya displays her ample assets (ass, tits AND aardvark!) as she's grabbed and groped in the shower by a lusty boytoy.

 Yet more ganders at Aya's globes, gluteus, and even a fleeting flash of fur-burger when she comes into the dressing room and puts her underwear on...


Gatilyo (1999)

 Aya yi! She and her man join giblets by the fire. A terrific, long look at her droolworthy dirigibles and duff in this outdoor scene.


Troublesome Night 4 (1998)

 Aya expertly seduces some schmuck with her supernatural powers, peeling down her sheer dress to show some lip-smacking frontal fur.

 Catch both breasts (mostly left) and partial bunburgers stripping down a guy, then freaking his shit out with her supernatural powers.

 Once again, she peels off for a dude, showing some intensely nice bazoobage before transforming into a haggy ole crone. Noooo!


Aya Medel nude


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